Mud Recovery System for Drilling

There are many different types of slurry recovery systems on the market today. Some mud recovery systems are designed to be portable and can be transported to different drilling sites as needed. Ot...

The importance of Mud Solids Control System

Mud solid control system is an important part of drilling process.Mud Solids Control System is designed to remove and control solid particles and other impurities in the drilling fluid.

Hyperpool PMD Screens for Derrick Hyperpool Shakers

Hyperpool PMD Screen is one of the most popular Derrick shaker screens replacement. It is designed for the high capacity Hyperpool 4-panel shale shakers. Compared to the PWP, Pyramid and Pyramid Pl...

Polyurethane shale shaker screen

Fine polyurethane shale shaker screen has a extremely fine openings, which is trapezoidal. It can prevent plugging and blocking during separating the materials. Additional, the fine opening can sup...

Importance of Mud Shale Shaker for Drilling

Contamination of drilling fluids with drilled cuttings is an unavoidable consequence of successful drilling operations.Increasing solids concentration in drilling fluid is a problem for the operato...