Horizontal Centrifugal Sand Pumps Produced by TR is Used in Non Oil Drilling

2021-04-15 14:50 Sunny Lee

On March 15, 2021, the centrifugal sand pumps produced by TR completed production, packed and sent to the customer's site for horizontal directional crossing project and replacement of centrifugal sand pump, which is a non oil drilling industry.

TRSB series sand pump is one of the important equipment in oil drilling mud solid control equipment. It is mainly used to supply fluid to desander, desander, slurry mixer and other equipment in drilling fluid circulation system. TRSB series sand pump adopts the combined seal structure design with mechanical seal as the main part and packing seal as the auxiliary part. The wear-resistant parts are made of wear-resistant alloy ductile iron, so as to ensure the stable performance, low failure rate, high efficiency and long service life in the process of field use. All parts can be interchanged with international famous brand pump.

Mission pump

               TRSB series sand pump

centrifugal sand pump

TRSB series sand pump

Advantages of TRSB series centrifugal sand pump:

1. The pump shell adopts the coaxial thickening design, which reduces the vibration and wear of the pump shell in operation and prolongs the service life.

2. The pump shell and impeller are made of wear-resistant alloy ductile iron by precision casting, which has higher wear resistance and longer service life than the same industry.

3. The open impeller design effectively reduces the bearing capacity of shaft and bearing, and extends the service life of bearing.

4. The impeller adopts anti loose design to prevent damage to the sand pump when it reverses unexpectedly.

5. The combination of mechanical seal as the main and packing seal as the auxiliary conforms to the seal. The mechanical seal adopts cemented carbide to prevent the leakage of sand pump and reduce the maintenance time of pump.

6. Replaceable shaft sleeve to prevent shaft wear.

7. The bearings are of international famous brands, with stable operation and long service life.

8. Imported fluorine rubber oil seal is selected for oil seal with good cooling performance. Ensure the normal operation of sand pump.

9. All parts can be interchanged with international famous brands to reduce user's spare parts inventory and purchase cost.