TRNG-70 Mud Storage Tank Produced by TR Solids Control is Delivered

2022-04-15 11:01 Sunny Lee

Three sets of TRNG-70 mud storage tanks ordered by oil drilling client in our company have been loaded for client one by one and sent to the site designated by client.

The three sets of TRNG-70 mud tanks ordered by the client this time are used as mud reserve tanks at the drilling site. The three sets of TRNG-70 mud tanks are made of one 70m³ mud tank.It is composed of mud tank, three TRJBQ15 mud agitators, one 80YZ50-20 (5.5kW) submersible slurry pump and explosion-proof electric control system. This matching can prevent mud sedimentation by mixing with mud agitator, and transfer the mud in the tank to the place where it needs to be used by submersible pump.

Mixing tank,Storage Tank

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