Mission Centrifugal Pump Parts Ready for Shipment

2021-12-13 10:22 Sunny Lee

Mission centrifugal pumps can be used as feeding pump for desander, desilter, or as mixing pump for jet mud mixer. Also it can be used as trip pump and supercharging pump for rig mud pump. TR Solids Control is professional and well-known in manufacturing centrifugal pumps and their parts to international market. At this week, a batch of centrifugal pump parts were accomplished in our workshop.

Mission Centrifugal Pump Parts

Spare Parts Numbers of Mission Centrifugal Pump

1*Pump shellSee below table1Hard Iron
1ASeal washer for pump shell10399-46-11Vellumoid
1BTightening nut for pump shell 3/43932-6112Stl
1CTightening nut for pump shell 3/4×853862-7612Stl
1DSquare head plug 3/88505-04-011Stl
1ESquare head plug 1/28505-04-011Iron
2*ImpellerSee below table1Iron
2AO-ring 46.2×1.819110-721Viton
2BLock washer for impeller
2CLock wahser for impeller
3*Mechanical seal box22223-01-301Hard Iron
3*Packing seal box20614-01-301Hard Iron
3ATightening nut for mechanical seal box3861-1172Stl
4Packing pressing bush20622A1Bronze
5Mechanical seal22451-11Tungsten Carbide
5APacking 12×1225014-04M-B3Kevlar
6L bolt assemblyB3701A2Stl
7Shaft20612-02-331AISI 4140
7AWear bushing(Mechanical seal)20943-211AISI E7140
7AWear bushung (Packing seal)20613-21G-7A1AISI E7140
7CO-ring 51.5×2.6523444-01-721
8Water retaining ring22210-1A1Bronze
8AO-ring 63×2.65
9Bearing base20618-12-11Cast Iron


9CSquare head plug 1/28505-051Iron
9DBreathing mouth8267-011Stl


9GDetrusion bolt for pump shell2538-1A3Stl
10AInside bearing cover206261Iron
10BSeal washer for inside bearing cover206251Vefetable Fiber
10COil seal20619-012Buna-n
10DBolt for inside bearing cover3861-12Stl
10ENut for inside bearing cover3932-22Stl

10GAlemite fitting NPT1/821641-011Stl
11Inside bearing NUP313EN/A1Vendor
12Axial adjustment collar20624-01-011Iron
12AO-ring 140×3.557496-2531Buna-n
12BNut for axial adjustment collar3861-1384Stl
12CDetrusion nut for axial adjustment collar3932-622Stl
13Outside bearing20617-01-011Stl
13AAlemite fitting NPT1/8
13BO-ring 120×3.557496-261Buna-n
13COil seal 47.63×69.85×9.52520619-021Buna-n
13DBolt for outside bearing cover3861-1392Stl
14Bearing 7311B/DBN/A1Vendor
14ALock wahser6124-41Stl
14BLock nut6123-41Stl
1*Pump case,3×2×1319203-01-30A1Hard Iron
1*Pump case,4×3×1319205-01-30A1Hard Iron
1*Pump case,5×4×1119222-01-30A1Hard Iron
1*Pump case,6×5×1119122-01-30A1Hard Iron
1*Pump case,6×5×1419123-01-30A1Hard Iron
1*Pump case,8×6×1119763-01-30A1Hard Iron
1*Pump case,8×6×1419117-01-30A1Hard Iron
1*Pump case,10×8×1420937-01-30A1Hard Iron
2*Impeller for pump,3×2×1319204-XX-301Hard Iron
2*Impeller for pump,4×3×1319206-XX-301Hard Iron
2*Impeller for pump,5×4×1119224-XX-301Hard Iron
2*Impeller for pump,6×5×1119121-XX-301Hard Iron
2*Impeller for pump,6×5×1419121-XX-301Hard Iron
2*Impeller for pump,8×6×1119121-XX-301Hard Iron
2*Impeller for pump,8×6×1419116-XX-301Hard Iron
2*Impeller for pump,10×8×1421867-XX-301Hard Iron
xx or A0 - Impeller code - First is equal to the integer of impeller diameter(inch) - 4. Thus 10 =6,9=5,8=4,etc...14   Use alphabet A.

TR Solids Control is absorbed in developing our product line continuously and offering innovative solutions to our customers. Our centrifugal pump can be totally interchangeable with Mission series pump. They have been exported to Russia, America, Middle East, South America, Southeast Asia, Central Asia, African, Australia, Europe etc. Our company is willing to cooperate and make common progress with friends at home and abroad with first-class products, service and reasonable prices.