New Order for Safety Clamps from Singapore Customer

2021-09-15 10:13 Sunny Lee

At the beginning of September, we received an order for safety clamps from new customer in Singapore, requiring the delivery of three sets of T type safety clamp (range 2 1 / 8 "- 3 1 / 4" with wrap).

Our safety clamp products are deeply loved by customers in Southeast Asia. As a trial order, our factory strictly controls the quality. As the beginning of long-term cooperation, we delivered this order within three days. After a short sea voyage, the safety clamps will arrive at the customer's port soon.

T type safety clamp

Safety clamp is just an auxiliary device,is in accordance with API standards and do not carry torque for operation.T type safety clamp,size range 2 1/8"- 3 1/4",total number of links is 5pcs.

Our company supplies safety slips of various models and sizes. If you have any demand, please feel free to contact Sunny Lee: