Derrick 2000 PMD Shaker Screens and Polyurethane Shaker Screens ordered by Canadian Customer

2021-08-07 10:49 Sunny Lee

At the end of July, TR solids control received order for 40 Pyramid screens and 5 polyurethane screens from customers in Canada.These screens will be used for Derrick FLC2000 shale shaker.

PMD Type shaker screenPolyurethane shaker screen.jpgscreen wooden case package

After a week of production and packaging, all screens have been sent to Shanghai port and will arrive at the customer's drilling site soon.

TR Solids Control can provide screens of various models and sizes with competitive prices and good quality. They have been exported to many countries. If you need to replace shaker screen parts, please contact:

Sunny Lee

+86 13186019379