Mission Centrifugal Sand Pump Heads were Sent to the Russian Drilling Site

2021-07-20 09:41 Sunny Lee

10 sets of TRSB8×6-14-L left-hand centrifugal sand pump head produced by TR Solids Control are completed, boxed and sent to Russia.

The centrifugal sand pump produced by TR Solids Control adopts precision casting process, alloy cast iron material, brand bearing and double seal of mechanical seal and packing seal; The spare parts of the centrifugal sand pump produced by TR Solids Control can be exchanged with the spare parts of the foreign brand Mission sand pump, which can make it easier for foreign users to find the vulnerable parts for replacement, or use the spare parts of TR Solids Control to replace the spare parts of Mission sand pump, which provides convenience for foreign customers, which has contributed to the long-term cooperation between TR Solids Control and foreign customers.

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Centrifugal sand pump is generally used for drilling fluid or industrial suspension (slurry). Using modern design theory and design, it can transport abrasive, viscous (characteristic) and corrosive liquid; Compared with ordinary pumps, it has the characteristics of excellent performance, large flow, long service life, convenient maintenance, high reliability and energy saving. At the drilling site of oil and gas field, the centrifugal sand pump can be used as the desander pump for slurry supply by desander, the desilting pump for slurry supply by desilter, the slurry mixing pump (weighting pump) of jet mud mixing device, and the make-up pump of solid control circulation system.

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TR Solids Control is a manufacturer of centrifugal sand pump. Our company can produce centrifugal sand pumps of different models and flow sizes according to customer requirements, and provide customers with centrifugal sand pumps suitable for on-site use. If necessary, please contact: +8613186019379/ sunny@trsolidscontrol.com