Importance of Mud Shale Shaker for Drilling

2021-06-30 15:19

Contamination of drilling fluids with drilled cuttings is an unavoidable consequence of successful drilling operations.Increasing solids concentration in drilling fluid is a problem for the operator, the drilling contractor, and the fluids provider. It is well established that increasing solids content in a drilling fluid leads to a lower rate of penetration (ROP). Other problems that are related to excessive solids concentration include:

  • High viscosity and gel strengths.

  • High torque and drag.

  • Lost circulation caused by higher equivalent circulating density (ECD).

  • Less efficient drilling hydraulics.

  • Abrasion and wear on pump fluid ends.

  • Production loss caused by formation damage from filtrate or solids invasion.

  • Stuck pipe caused by filtrate loss.

  • Poor cement jobs caused by excessive filter cakes.

  • Generation of excessive drilling waste.

  • Higher drilling-fluid maintenance costs.

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Mud Shale Shaker is important for controlling the concentration of LGSs. What often is overlooked is the impact that proper screen selection can have on the other functions of a mud system.

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