Shaker Screen
Mud shaker screen is mainly used for mud shale shaker. Vibrating shaker screen can be divided into wave screen and flat screen according to the form. Different screen manufacturers name the screen separately, so does the size and the main material of shaker screen. Internationally renowned screen manufacturers are derrick and swaco, brandt and TR Solids Control.
Derrick mainly produces the screen applied in model FLC503 and FLC2000 shale shaker.FLC503 shaker screen and FLC2000 shaker screen installation is not the same. But the FLC503 shaker screen and FLC2000 shaker screen can be made of flat screen or wave screen. The capacity of the wave screen is 30% larger than that of the flat screen. The wave screen is very popular with drilling companies. TR Solids Control screen can replace FLC503 shaker screen and FLC2000 shaker screen.
Swaco mainly produces swaco mongoose screen and VSM300 screen. Swaco mongoose screen is larger than the VSM300 screen in dimension. Swaco mongoose screen is often used on the vibrating shaker in the drilling waste management system. Swaco mongoose screen is much more popular than the VSM300 screen.
TR Solids Control is a professional manufacturer of vibrating shaker screen and solid control equipment. TR can provide replacement screen of derrick, swaco and brandt screen. If you need any one model screen, TR solid control will provide you with a high quality alternative screen. We can also customize the screen for your requirements.