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Mud Centrifuges


Drilling Mud decanter centrifuge adopts centrifugal force to separate solid particles out of drilling fluid. Different solid or particle have different density and flow speed, drilling mud decanter centrifuge also can separate particles as different size and density. Mud Centrifuge is widely used in oil and gas drilling, chemical, foodstuff, pharmacy, mineral beneficiation, water treatment, etc. industries.Waste Decanter Centrifuge used in drilling waste management.

The feed enters the bowl through a stationary inlet tube and is accelerated smoothly by an inlet rotor. The resulting Drilling Mud Centrifuge forces make the solids collect on the wall of the bowl. The conveyor and the bowl rotate in the same direction, but at different speeds, which has the effect of moving the solids towards the conical end of the bowl for removal.

Advantages of Mud Centrifuges:

1. Big bowl,large treatment capacity,high G-force is available.

2. Stainless steel(2205) is adopted for main body(collection box included).

3. Spiral propeller is stainless steel material,the welding cemented carbide or ceramic empiecement for the protection of propeller.

4. Replaced cemented carbide ring or ceramic for protecting solids discharge outlet.

5. Bearing :Germany FAG or Sweden SKF.

6. Electrical Component:Siemens,Schneider.

7. Three types overload protection:

1).Transmission Safety Protection Device.

2).Fluid coupling overload protection

3).Electrical control cabinet current protection.

8. Screw pump or centrifugal pump can be the feed pump for centrifuge so as to meet different requirement.

Mud Centrifuges Technical Parameters

Bowl Diameter355mm (14inch)450mm (17.7inch)450mm (17.7inch)550mm (22inch)
Bowl Length1250mm(49.2inch)1250mm(49.2inch)1600(64inch)1800mm(49.2inch)
Max Capacity40m3/h60m3/h70m3/h90m3/h
Max Speed3800r/min3200r/min3200r/min3000r/min
Rotary Speed3200r/min3000r/min2800r/min2600r/min
Main Drive30kW-4p30kW-4p45kW-4p55kW-4p
Back Drive7.5kW-4p7.5kW-4p15kW-4p22kW-4p

(Note: Rotary speed can be adjustable as per user’s requirements)